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Lehmann, Ullman and Barclay LLP was founded in 1912 as a bookkeeping and tax practice by J. H. Lehmann. The original name of the firm was J. H. Lehmann Auditing Company. Harrod Lehmann was among the very first group of accountants to take and pass the uniform examination when it became required by the State of Alabama in 1919. In 1928, Joe Ullman joined his uncle, Mr. Lehmann, in the practice. Almost twenty years later Henry I. Barclay, Jr. joined the firm, whose name was then changed to Lehmann, Ullman and Barclay. The firm has grown since the 1950's, each year adding new tax and auditing engagements.

LU&B saw its greatest growth in the 1970s and early 1980s, which required offices across Alabama, in Birmingham, Anniston, and Greenville. Since then, the firm's engagements have been consolidated to run out of the Birmingham office alone. We continue to add clients from an eclectic selection of industries, including manufacturing (lumber, heavy machinery, castings, electric motors,) construction (general, earth moving, steel fabrication, masonry, mining, etc.,) financial (banking, mortgage financing, broker dealers,) and services (physicians, dentists, veterinarians, attorneys, personal planning, family business planning.)

Our firm stands today as a leader in the profession. We are proud of each of our achievements throughout our history. Of course, we like to be judged by the clients we serve, a diverse group at the top of business, industry and individual achievement, each one actively involved in a complex and challenging business world that, especially today, changes with the wind.


Serving our clients by understanding them and helping them identify their needs. We will empower individuals and organizations to achieve financial success while maintaining the highest of ethical standards.

Our Mission Plan:
Instilling peace of mind and complete confidence that we will understand, monitor and cultivate you business interests.
Enabling people to work smarter, not harder through practical advice that will produce the greatest return on time and resource investment.
Becoming a dedicated advocate for the people we serve, through open communication and proactive problem solving.

Core Values

What Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary has to say—
“n. moral soundness, probity || wholeness, completeness, to perform a work in its integrity || the quality or state of being unimpaired [from Latin integritas, wholeness]

How Lehmann, Ullman And Barclay, LLP applies Integrity to its Core Values
• A commitment to customer satisfaction
• Prevention of problems
• Intolerance of error
• Management by fact